Who Are We?

All-Star Travel, LLC is a family transportation business with a long history of service. A look at who we are explains our commitment to service and safety. 


A driver who has been a commercial passenger driver for more than 20 years with a stellar driving record.  He worked for agencies including Andrews Air Force Base transporting generals and other officers, foreign country VIPs and dignitaries.  At Annapolis Bus Company he transported primary and high school students, general adults, as well as senior citizens.

An educator who has spent years working with children, establishing and overseeing child care centers. She has vast experiences working with children with special needs.

A physician who has worked in pediatric care at the top of her profession, rated by her peers and patients as a top physician.

        OUR MISSION 

Together we are committed to providing high-quality and safe transportation services to:

     Families , friends and small groups who want the convenience of privacy and reliability 

     Those who want the comfort of traveling with no hassle

     Seniors and others who are unable or are reluctant to drive

     Businesses and organizations whose employees or clients need transportation 

     We know we are successful when we can make life easier and provide a better riding experience.


   Phone:  301.218.5387

Email:  allstarSfortravel@gmail.com


We will contact you before the end of our business day.

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